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Estate and Trust Planning Services enables you to obtain peace of mind with your later life planning arrangements.

Our Services


Protect those nearest and dearest to you by preparing your Will now and leaving nothing to chance. ETPS are here to advise you and to write your Will in accordance with your wishes.


Protect your assets with a Family Asset Protection Trust or a Property Protection Trust Will so you can relax knowing that your estate will be passed on securely and intact to your beneficiaries following your demise.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Arranging your Lasting Powers of Attorney now will ensure that your loved ones will have legal authority on your financial and health matters should you become incapacitated in the future.

About Estate and Trust Planning Services

Family events led Robin to learn the importance of having a Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney in place. More than 60% of the adult population of England do not have Wills. Without having a Will in place the rules of intestacy come into play. This can result in people you did not want to inherit from your estate perhaps being able to do so.

Of equal importance to having an up to date Will, Robin recommends to all his clients regardless of age that they invest in Lasting Powers of Attorney. These are legal documents that give the loved ones or trusted friends of the donor legal authority to act on their behalf on financial and health matters should they become incapacitated in the future.

Robin is a member of The Society of Will Writers and as such has to abide by the society's strict code of practice. He has been a member of the society for over 9 years and none of his clients have had occasion to register a complaint.



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